About Us

Our Expertise

We have the tools, experience, and expertise that come from being in business for more than 65 years. AGC performs expert repairs on any vehicle from around the world. Our repair technicians have the best education and certifications possible, ensuring you get the best repairs for the money and the safest vehicle possible.

We are proud to have one of the best frame straightening benches in the world; The Octopus, by Car Bench.This machine is hand-crafted in Italy and designed to repair all types of vehicles. Only a handful of shops in the United States have this technology. Often found only at Lamborghini and Ferrari dealerships, The Octopus is also at AGC!  The Octopus is a frame machine that makes repairs easier and more precise than older technologies. It can reduce repair time by up to 50%.  Its 12-ton arm can push and pull in any direction.  Other frame machines can only pull in one direction at a time, requiring multiple pulls of a frame to realign it properly. The Octopus, with its single-pull technology, keeps the integrity of your frame intact. This gives AGC an edge over our competition; and more importantly, it gives you back a safer vehicle than other repair shops.