About Us

Our Green Commitment

AGC cares about the Earth. Environmental protection, safety, and health, are top priories for us. Our repair processes and the equipment we use meet the highest safety and environmental standards.  Here are just a few of the important steps we take:


  • We use only water-based paints which greatly reduce Volatile Organic Compounds and Hazardous Air Pollutants that typically accompany solvent-based painting supplies.
  • Our facility currently uses water-based painting supplies, too. Any solvent-based waste is disposed of, using certified recycling methods.
  • We guarantee our ASE certified technicians also hold the special ASE certification for Refrigerant Recovery and Recycling.
  • Our state-of-the-art facility includes a vacuum-assist system that eliminates more than 90% of the dust and particles created during the repair process.
  • We only use the newest technology in our spray booth. We capture 98% of paint particles that would otherwise get into the environment.
  • All our employees are OSHA certified, and our painters are provided with full breathable-air respirators, keeping them safe.
  • We use the most efficient HVLP equipment, which means the painting of a vehicle takes less time, reducing exposure to the technician and environment.