About Us

New Car Technology

At AGC we follow a very strict repair process. We are confident our repairs are perfect. Collision damage is not just cosmetic. We take every precaution with your safety, too.  Correct mechanical and frame repair is a crucial part of the process.  If a car’s frame is not perfectly aligned, it can cause long term issues with the way your vehicle drives and functions. We will not leave any stone unturned during the repair of your vehicle.

Hybrid Electric Vehicles

A hybrid electric vehicle combines a conventional internalcombustionengine propulsion system with an electric propulsion system. Most new hybrid electric vehicles are composed of carbon fiber and have advanced electrical systems.  An average auto body shop has limited experience with this advanced technology. Even the dealership you purchased your vehicle from might not be qualified to make necessary repairs in an affordable and timely fashion. AGC has years of experience repairing these types of vehicles. We are leaders in the field of hybrid electric vehicle repairs. Not only can we restore your vehicle’s look to pre-accident condition; we can also repair or maintain the electrical system, to ensure is drives just as good as it looks.

Carbon Fiber

More car manufacturers have turned to carbon fiber to build and redesign their vehicles.   Once reserved only for high-end sports cars and performance vehicles, carbon fiber is making its way into vehicles in all categories.  We have experience repairing high-end sports cars.  We have the knowledge to repair your vehicle with carbon fiber.

Boron / Ultra-High Strength Steel

Boron steel, also known as ultra-high steel, is a common component of high-end vehicles and many European-manufactured vehicles. It is often used in critical safety areas of the vehicle, such as the underside of the dashboard, door guard beams, and bumper reinforcements.  An incorrect repair of Boron steel could cause more harm than good. If heated incorrectly, or an inexperienced technician attempts to stretch or bend the steel, it can becomes brittle and crack. If this goes unnoticed, a new accident could spell disaster. Don’t put your life or the life of your vehicle in the hands of an untrained, ill-equipped auto body repair shop. Turn to AGC.  We have the tools and the knowledge to return your vehicle to its pre-accident condition. Our work is guaranteed, so you can be assured that you are in the best hands.

Aluminum Repair

Aluminum is not new to auto manufacturing, but when the best-selling vehicle in America switches from steel to aluminum, body shops take notice.  Ford’s F150 is leading the way in a change in the way vehicles are manufactured and repaired.  The main reason for the change is fuel economy.  Aluminum weighs two-thirds what steel does, without compromising strength.  The lighter a vehicle is, the higher the mileage.

Aluminum has several unique characteristics compared to other vehicle materials, such as steel. Repairing the heat-sensitive material requires use of advanced repair techniques and methods.  That means updated training and key equipment. Aluminum repairs can’t be treated like any other, so we dedicate an area of our shop for this type of repair.  We call this the Clean Room.

An aluminum clean room is a quarantined area of our shop, dedicated to aluminum work. It’s fully separated from all other types of work, where technicians must perform all welding, bonding, riveting, sanding, grinding, and structural procedures on only aluminum components.

It is necessary to separate aluminum repairs from repairs on all other metals, because other types of vehicle metals, such as steel, contain elements that contaminate aluminum. Iron oxide flies into the air when technicians grind and sand steel components, which causes corrosion. That leads to adhesion and paint failures.  The clean room is also provides shop safety, because the combination of contaminants with aluminum could become explosive.

For the correct repair to your aluminum vehicle, and for the safety of our employees, AGC is equipped with a clean room, and our technicians are trained on aluminum repair.