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When you get into an accident, there are many emotions that one experiences. They may go from being scared to panicked and then get angry and flustered not knowing which direction to turn. After glancing at the damage that has been done to a vehicle, it may be hard to swallow the truth of how much that damage is going to be repaired. AGC follows a process for each vehicle that comes into the shop and it’s our strict guideline and consistency that have brought us this far since 1949. We offer many services at AGC and have more capabilities than many facilities in the surrounding area. 

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The repair process is lengthy and essentially starts from the time the accident occurs. After one contacts their particular insurance provider they will then want to contact us. We offer around the clock service so there is no need to worry that you will not be able to get through to one of our staff members. We know that accidents occur at any time of the day; therefore, we ensure that we can accommodate that fact. Once an appointment has been made, we do offer free estimates. You did hear right, there will be no cost for us to estimate the damages that have been done to your vehicle. Whether the auto was involved in a serious accident or a shopping cart chipped some paint off your door – we will assess the situation and be able to provide you with a reasonable quote.

Breakdown of Our Repair Processbreaking

When we go through and repair your vehicle, we take an in-depth, eight step approach.
Here are the steps and how we can help ensure the best results for your vehicle:


1The Accident

First things first: is someone injured?  If there are injuries, call 911.  If the accident is minor, move vehicles to a safe place, out of traffic, then call authorities and your insurance agent or provider. After you exchange information with the other party, give us a call at (323) 663-8076. We will make the necessary arrangements for restoring your vehicle to pre-accident condition.  If your vehicle is not drivable, we can arrange a tow.

2Getting an Estimate

In this stage, we assess the damage caused by the accident. There is never a charge for estimates at AGC. This stage is a preliminary estimate, based on what we can see with the naked eye. Once you give us authorization, we can take a more comprehensive look, and make a more through estimate (see disassembly).   If you are leaving your vehicle for repair, we set up a courtesy shuttle or car rental.  We will review your insurance coverage and gather your contact information. We will update you on the status of your estimate and ask you for authorization to repair your vehicle.  During the repair, we will update you using your preferred method of contact: text, phone call, or email.

3Disassembly of Vehicle

In this step, we remove the necessary parts from the vehicle to identify the full extent of the damage.  This stage is important for an accurate estimate because damage hides beneath the vehicle’s body panels.  Think of it like dominos; each domino affects the one next to it; a damaged car panels affects the panel or part adjacent to it as well.  Once a complete estimate is written, we contact you and your insurance company for authorization to complete the repair.  Once we have authorization, we can determine how long it will take to repair the vehicle.

4Repairing the Vehicle

In this step, we will make all of the necessary body and mechanical repairs.  If needed, parts are ordered and quality inspected.  We quality check your vehicle with each phase of the repair so it is perfect and ready for the next step. We will keep you updated during the repair process and confirm a completion date for your vehicle.

5Painting the Vehicle

After all of the body and mechanical work is done, it’s time for expert refinishing.  We smooth and sand the surface of your vehicle. Then it’s primed, painted a perfect match, and covered in a clear coat to protect the finish. You vehicle is quality inspected again, to make sure its paint looks as good as it did before the accident.

6Reassembly of Vehicle

Any parts that were removed from your vehicle for repair or painted while off of the vehicle, are re-installed at this stage. We will make sure your vehicle is expertly reassembled to original specifications, paying special attention to all safety features of your vehicle. At this stage you will receive a final delivery date through your preferred method of contact.

7Quality Control & Cleaning

Your vehicle will receive its third major quality check. All elements of the repair, from cosmetic to safety, are checked for perfection.  If necessary, your vehicle is test driven. Every vehicle gets a light detail, so your ride is returned to you with a shine.


By now your vehicle has been through three stages of quality inspection and light detail.  We have made every effort to restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition. We will walk you through the repair and make sure you are satisfied. We will present you with the Lifetime Warranty that comes with your repair.  In a few days, we will call you to make sure you are happy with the repair.  Your repair may be over, but we are still here to help.  If you have any questions, please give us a call.   

Lifetime Warranty
100% Lifetime Warranty on ALL Body & Paint Craftsmanship